The Power of Ethereum in the Palm of your Hand

Etherparty is a contract wizard that removes the complexity of creating, managing and executing smart contracts on any blockchain.

What Is Etherparty?

Etherparty allows users with zero knowledge of smart contract programming to create an enforceable, self-executing digital agreement for all types of transactions.

  • Template Library

    Create your own custom contract templates with a guided Contract Wizard to help you along. The user will have the ability to choose from a variety of data-sources, data-oracles, and contract-clauses.

  • Continuous Security Testing

    We security test all Smart Contracts before they are available in the Template Library. We also source security experts who fully audit Solidity code your custom contracts so that there are no surprises after it's launched on the network

  • Drag and Drop Contract Builder

    A sophisticated user interface that uses drag and drop from a side panel toolbar to a contract workspace, allowing the user to visually construct custom contracts.

  • Fully Managed

    Etherparty is a fully managed solution that handles everything from creating Smart Contracts, to security testing, launching them on the blockchain, managing the transaction fees, and monitoring tools throughout the entire process.

What can you do with Etherparty?

From financial services to cross-industry applications, Etherparty has the smart contract solution to fit your contractual needs.

Peer to Peer escrow contracts

Sports Wagering

Token Creation

Supply Chain Management

Real Estate Agreements

Contractor agreements

The Enterprise Solution

Integrate Any Workflow

Any existing enterprise application can be integrated into our smart contract workflow platform with ease using the Etherparty Platform REST API.

Advanced User Interface

Enterprise Solution customers will be able to create and manage teams of users, and create contract templates to deploy on the blockchain.

On Premise or In the Cloud

Offering all the functionality of our standard platform plus additional features that are necessary for Enterprise customers.

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